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A movie podcast that isn't boring.

In response to A.O. Scott's gorgeously organized, well thought out treatise on how maturity is and is not displayed in TV and film, we'd like to offer a free-wheeling conversation filled with half-formed ideas. How are we displaying adulthood in our art, and is it an accurate reflection of our lives and escapist desires?

We'll also check in Kate Erbland to hear about the best movies of TIFF that you'll be able to see soon, and Jack Giroux interviews Jeremy Renner about his new biopic of Iran-Contra whistleblower Gary Webb, Kill the Messenger.

You should follow Kate (@katerbland), Jack (@jackgi), the show (@brokenprojector), Geoff (@drgmlatulippe) and Scott (@scottmbeggs) on Twitter for more on a daily basis.

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