The Broken Projector Movie Podcast
A movie podcast that isn't boring.

This week on the show we hang out with literary manager Michael Botti of Industry Entertainment. We learn how he became a manager [0:00 - 7:45], and answer your screenwriting questions about expectations for meeting with a manager for the first time [7:45 - 17:55], if following up ever leads to a 'yes' [17:55 - 20:45], whether cold queries are worth the time [20:45 - 26:00], how UK-repped writers can get in on the LA action [26:00 - 26:45], how someone with a few script under their belt who doesn't live in LA can catch a manager's attention [26:45 - 34:05], if managers are looking for writing teams [34:05 - 35:15], if managers should be more regulated as an industry [35:15 - 43:00], what the distinction is between managers who produce and producers who manage [43:00 - 60:45], what a manager does to develop a writer [60:45 - 69:35] and whether it's pronounced "By-o-pic" or "Bio-dome" [69:35 - 70:30].

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