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Westworld's season one finale is this Sunday, so we brought on expert fan conspiracy theorist and probably-real-human Joanna Robinson to hash out what we think may happen in the closing moments. We'll unwrap some mysteries and contemplate some character growth in a world where Anthony Hopkins' yogurt puppets are packing.

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Is Jon Snow really dead? How much stalling will the show need to do to let George R.R. Martin catch up? How good can a blind assassin be? Can you unring a Shame Bell? What armies are even out there still fighting? What main character should be killed to get the shock mojo back?

This week's episode seeks to answer as many Game of Thrones questions as we possibly can, speculating and crossing our fingers with special guest hosts Joanna Robinson and Neil Miller (of the Storm of Spoilers podcast!).

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Who have you randomly bought pizza for this week? Today on the show, we'll speak with comedian and TV writer Ricky Smith about his Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere movement, his documentary Follow Me and his Twitter-based rise into the entertainment world.

Plus, Geoff will answer screenwriting questions about the phantom of writer's block and montages.

More importantly, we want to invite you to check out Geoff's Six Week Spec Writing project where 10 aspiring writers will be chosen to produce a spec script in a month and a half while chronicling their trials and tribulations. At the end of the road, they'll have free hosting at The Black List and four professional script readers providing feedback on their screenplay.

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What happens after The Red Wedding?

With Game of Thrones back for its fourth season on Sunday, we're delivering a singularly-dedicated episode where A Cast of Kings co-host Joanna Robinson and Broken Projector fan favorite Neil Miller join us for a spoiler-less look at what lies ahead (besides Winter).

Neil has already seen the first three episodes and reviewed the spirit of the season, and we're up on all the books, so we follow up the safe portion with a segment focused on spoilers that might shock and amaze virgin viewers.

Something for everyone! Except people who've never seen the show or read the books. Sorry about that.

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The end is nigh, and speculation is high. Will Walt ride off into the blue sunset, or fall off his horse? If it's the latter, how many will he drag down with him? Will we ever get to see Badger's Star Trek episode?

With so many pressing questions, we turn to Breaking Bad expert Joanna Robinson to parse the crackpot theories and provide so many guesses about the final episode that we're sure to accidentally stumble upon the right answer.

Plus, FSR Associate Editor Rob Hunter joins us for our Fantasy Fall Movie Box Office and Prestige-Off draft, and the stakes couldn't be higher.

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