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Special guest Christopher Lockhart, story editor at WME, joins us to answer your screenwriting questions about your entitlement to have your script read [0:00 - 15:00], whether studio passion for IP extends to short stories [15:00 - 19:55], times Chris has passed on projects and regretted it [19:55 - 26:00], whether writing diversity into your script is a risk (hint: it isn’t) [26:00 - 31:50], and if it’s a good idea to write an adaptation for a book you don’t own the adaptation rights to [31:50 - 40:00].

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This week, we get to know writer/director Emily Carmichael (Pacific Rim 2, Stryka, Powerhouse) [0:00 - 4:35] who sticks around to read through some of your board game movie pitches [4:35 - 8:45], and answer your screenwriting questions about structuring your rewrite process [8:45 - 13:25], what ideas to scrap when you see similar concepts sold [13:25 - 16:55], whether you change writing styles for something you know you're not directing [16:55 - 17:45], getting into the industry later in life [17:45 - 23:25], our approach to creating characters [23:25 - 34:05], how much to care about crafting a theme [34:05 - 39:05], annoying genre tropes we're bored with [39:05 - 45:00], and how to pronounce "biopic" correctly [45:00 - 49:00]. Spoiler alert: no one knows that last one.  

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