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Clark Gregg recently wrote, directed and starred in an indie called Trust Me, and instead of asking one question about it before moving on to nine questions about Marvel movies, we took the opportunity to dig deep into what's clearly a very personal work. In the movie he plays a former child actor turned child actor agent (have fun, Psych majors) who discovers an amazingly gifted young actress who might join a major franchise and bring him the success he's always dreamed of. Spoiler alert: Loki never shows up.

Plus, Geoff and I answer your screenwriting questions and then discuss some bizarre real-life things that would make amazing movies.

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What if you could go back in time and set your favorite shark-jumping movie franchise back on the right course? Which would you choose? How would you do it? Would it require Hugh Jackman getting naked and standing in front of a window?

We tackle all of these questions on this week's show as we try to right some cinematic wrongs, review X-Men: Days of Future Past in depth and dissect a famous scene from Back to the Future to figure out why it works so damned well.

You might feel a pinch.

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In our shortest episode of the year, I take a minute to dissect the way gigantic things are being portrayed on screen and to consider how Godzilla is like the most recent doomsday climate change report.

Plus, Jack interviews the legendary Bill Paxton who plays a pitching coach in Million Dollar Arm. They get philosophical about acting just above a whisper and going calmly over the top. Fortunately, the lurking Predator decides not to attack them in the process.

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As it turns out, it's completely possible to spend the warmest months without seeing a single superhero or explosion, and on this week's show, Geoff and I proclaim our excitement for the indie/non-blockbuster pics that might provide greatness this season. We'll also talk about our all-time favorite screenplays to read. 

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More genres, more stories, more women. This week we welcome on Screen Rant's Ben Kendrick for an omnibus discussion of the amazing, as-yet-unrealized potential for superhero movies. At what point will audiences get bored with the same rehashed stories? At what point will one superhero movie lose big to another superhero movie in a crowded summer? At what point will studios develop the guts to take real risks?

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