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A movie podcast that isn't boring.

It's our 100th episode, and to celebrate we've invited some special guests to help us count 100 of the 1,00,000 reasons we love movies.

We aren't interviewing anyone, handing out screenwriting advice or getting too deep in our discussion of Top Gun this week, so we hope you consider this episode as a shot of adrenaline that recharges an already-well-lit passion.

We hope you see yourself in these reasons. We hope that you add to the list with your own experiences. We hope that we're able to tell 100 different stories just by evoking these favorite moments, scenes, props, lines of dialogue and memories.

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The most radical thing about The Look of Silence isn't that a man sits knee-to-knee while interviewing the men who brutally murdered his brother, but that the man approaches those interviews with the goal of forgiving them.

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What does it really mean for a movie to be "patriotic"? Every list of patriotic movies features the same rah-rah films celebrating our military prowess, our national history and our small town pastimes, but what if you had to make a list of patriotic movies that didn't include The Patriot or The Sandlot or Saving Private Ryan or any of the others?

Is it possible that a mockumentary about a beauty pageant can both celebrate and make fun of tradition? Are the rebellious teenagers of Dazed and Confused more American than apple pie? Can the married owners of The Birdcage be emblematic of family life in this country?

These questions and more as Geoff and I explore 8 unconventional patriotic movies. Plus, even more quandaries as we answer your screenwriting questions about compelling characters, villains who want to get caught and more.

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