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On the doorstep of wedding season (and coming off the hangover of Geoff's bachelor party) we examine the few successful bachelor party movies in order to figure out why bachelor party movies typically don't work. Special guest appearance by things we don't remember doing the following morning.

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This week we answer your screenwriting questions about tackling story concepts that are outside your personal experience, common mistakes to avoid when trying to get representation, and we learn what a First Class Twinkie really is.

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This week, special guest Justin Marks (Jungle Book, Top Gun 2, Counterpart) helps us answer your screenwriting questions about IP, getting started in animation, if one bad film can hurt your career and more.

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This week special guest Travis Beacham (Pacific Rim, The Curiosity) helps us answer your screenwriting questions about determining if your idea is a TV show or a movie, being unafraid of collaboration, the feeling of that first great script, and much more.

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