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If you're reeling from an explosive summer, you're in luck. There are currently two movies in theaters (and in the VOD-o-sphere as well as iTunes) that are both hilarious and treat relationships with a complexity and realism that you might be missing. The first is Sleeping With Other People, a romantic comedy where Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie use a safe word for when they're feeling sexual tension. We'll talk with writer/director Leslye Headland about finding honesty with a high concept.

The second is People Places Things, the story of a graphic novelist/teacher (played brilliantly by Jemaine Clement) who is going through divorce, trying to be a good father and trying to contemplate defining his life now that half of it is over. We'll also speak with its writer/director, James C. Strause.

Plus, Geoff and I will answer some of your screenwriting questions, and, since I'm moving across the planet over the next two months, we'll briefly consider the role packing up everything plays in a handful of films.

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Filling in for Geoff this week, Pacific Rim screenwriter Travis Beacham hangs out for the hour, so we use Age of UltronBack to the Future and his Kaiju-battling film to discuss plot density (and the 2015 trend of convoluted messes) in big adventures.

We also discuss his newest project, a directorial debut called The Curiosity that was born out of the abject despair of getting his television show at Fox canceled before it even aired. After dedicating his life and hard work to something that will never be seen, he's found redemption in a new idea and new learning curve.

Gigantic robots and hard-working people making good. What's not to love about this episode?

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Everybody cut loose. Because Kevin Bacon is chasing you, and he wants to bury you in the woods.

Bacon stars in the indie flick Cop Car as a bad guy sheriff whose siren-topped vehicle is stolen by two young boys running away from home. This joy ride was co-written and directed by Jon Watts, who will take on the next Spider-Man movie, so it's a dark artifact of what his aggressive and comedic sensibilities if you're looking for a hint of what he might bring to the Peter Parker table. Plus, Bacon offers some stellar suggestions for actors who are in scenes without any other actors to talk to.

Geoff and I will also say goodbye to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and answer your screenwriting questions about pagination and the first step after your last step.

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