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Last week we looked at American Sniper as a political football, and this week we turn to a fresh take on military life which will sadly only get a fraction of the attention Sniper did. 

Amira and Sam star Martin Starr will discuss preparing to play an army veteran, finding humor and nuance in an important script and the vital way in which the movie portrays a progressive Muslim girl. 

Plus, Geoff and I will weigh in on the blockbuster-ish news about Ghostbusters getting an all-female cast and Indiana Jones hypothetically looking to Chris Pratt to take the whip and fedora. 

Then, Rob Hunter will take some time out of shivering in the cold at Sundance to tell us his five favorites of the fest. You'll want to write these down and hunt them down in the future. 

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Through editorials and online chatter, we seem to be struggling to talk about American Sniper in a meaningful way, deciding instead to divide into Team A and Team B before launching empty words back and forth. It's a political movie, yes, but it's vitally important that we remain able to discuss political movies without succumbing to conversation-ending blather.

This week, Geoff and I will discuss the great need for art to stay uninfected by the corrosive divisiveness that is modern political discourse. 

We'll also dissect a handful of amazing, inspiring (and disheartening) movie speeches and answer a listener screenwriting question about what goes into a shooting script. You'll want to wear a helmet for this one.

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Now that we've all had some time to think about it, we're going to explore the best movies of 2004 after dissecting our favorites from 2014. Pay extra special attention to the names of filmmakers, writers and actors that are shared between the years. What has stood the small test of time? What has survived by living in our memories or hiding out in our hearts? The answers will probably not surprise you or be in any way controversial.

To undertake this epic task, we've brought on FSR associate editor Kate Erbland and freelance writer for Esquire and The Atlantic Alexeander Huls to round out a four player rodeo of film appreciation.

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It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new year, which means that we'll be examine the concept of beginnings by figuring out how three different movies (Scream, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Drive) successfully set up the rest of their runtimes for success.

Plus, we'll answer your screenwriting questions and try to explain why the Academy considers Whiplash to be an adapted script when it's an original concept. 

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