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A movie podcast that isn't boring.

This week on the show, we answer your screenwriting questions about Johnny Depp being overpaid [0:00 - 5:00], how much of a lunch meeting is spent on small talk vs the project [5:00 - 10:00], preparing for a pitch meeting [10:00 - 16:00], what a "set piece" is [16:00 - 23:00], and the best movie made from a bad script [23:00 - 33:00].

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This week we welcome IndieWire’s senior film critic David Ehrlich to the show to discuss the best movies of 2016, the state of cinema, and his supercut celebrating both. Plus, we officially close the door on 2016 (2017 now starts on December 10th).

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Westworld's season one finale is this Sunday, so we brought on expert fan conspiracy theorist and probably-real-human Joanna Robinson to hash out what we think may happen in the closing moments. We'll unwrap some mysteries and contemplate some character growth in a world where Anthony Hopkins' yogurt puppets are packing.

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