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A movie podcast that isn't boring.

This Thanksgiving week, we answer your screenwriting questions about pushing through depression-based writer's block [0:00 - 11:15], reaching the decision to give up on your dream [11:15 - 22:30], the difference between different incarnation's of the hero's refusal [22:30 - 23:55], and the line between world-building and dumping too much detail on the page [23:55 - 31:00]. We close out by sharing some of the TV shows and movies you told us you were thankful for (as well as offering a few of our own) [31:00 - 36:00].

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This week, we return from a long hiatus to deliver a massive conversation about conversations with Talk Easy Pod host Sam Fragoso, who reveals how he gets people like Don Cheadle and Zoe Kazan to get their guard down for an intimate, real conversation.

We talk about great conversational scenes in movies, something that may need a larger spotlight in an age dominated by plot-heavy, punching-fueled films.

Plus, an epic rant/rave, imploring all of us to stop sharing cultural spoiled milk.

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