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In EverlySalma Hayek's title character is stuck inside a highrise apartment with well-armed bad guys constantly coming through the door. She'll need a lot of fire power and guts to survive the night.

Naturally, director Joe Lynch says, "the whole movie is about a mother and daughter reconnecting."

Our conversation with the filmmaker obviously covers the emotion and tonally wild action of Everly, but we also cover topics like making movies that Hollywood won't and the European techno-erotica of RoboCop. Plus, Lynch's enthusiasm should replace the three cups of coffee and that eight ball you were planning on crushing today.

Also on the program, I try to pinpoint exactly why the Oscars feel perfunctory and devoid of meaning.

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Gary Whitta got a big break with The Book of Eli, a spec screenplay where he doesn't so much save the cat as he kills it and cooks it over a spit within the first few pages. Now he's coming off writing for one of the stand-alone Star Wars movies, he's working with Mark Millar on Starlight, and his debut novel "Abomination" is available for pre-order through an innovative publishing platform. It has everything in the above image and more.

Whitta joins me this week as our special guest co-host (Geoff is on assignment in Kazakhstan), and we discuss the dominance of The Empire Strikes Back, the slightly ironic relationship movies have to comic books now and why he might not have done the very thing that brought him success knowing what he knows today.

Things get educational, so grab a notepad and a splashguard.

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