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Cadillac and the Producers Guild of America recently launched Make Your Mark, a short film competition that challenges producers to create compelling content with limited resources. Contestants will make a short film over a single weekend in late June, and the 30-second Cadillac spot featuring the grand prize winner’s film will air during the 2015 Academy Awards.

As such we'll be speaking with last year's winner Jason Shulz, who offers his experience and some helpful lessons for those filmmakers who want to hoist the trophy for themselves this year.

Plus, in a segment that tears up apart, Geoff and I will chat about the pure, accidental brilliance of The Room and what it's like to watch an unintentionally terrible movie while sitting next to its director.

Last, but definitely not least, we'll talk to Enlisted creator Kevin Biegel about why he's fighting so hard to promote a show that's already been cancelled. He'll also offer some keen advice about breaking into TV writing that you won't want to miss.

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